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Child resistance


In the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and New Zealand the Child Resistant lighters are already mandatory since 1994. As of march 2007, also the EU-countries have introduced the Child Resistant lighters. The Cricket Child Resistant mechanisms, prevents children from operating the lighter with the smallest comfort reduction for adults.


What is Child Resistance?

Lighters, which are Child Resistant, have a mechanism that makes it difficult for children to operate the lighter. Every Child Resistant lighter has to comply with to the standard norm EN 13869. This standard represents a successful test with a panel of 100 children by 3,5 to 4,5 years old when not more than 10 children are able to operate the lighter. The lighter must be Child Resistance during the total product life cycle of the lighter.


How it works

child resistant lighters original mini


Cricket Original & Mini

For the Cricket Original and Mini lighter, Cricket has introduced a refined child resistant device. In combination with a smaller spark wheel, the strip reduces the grip of small childrens fingers. This makes it difficult for small children to operate the lighter. As adults have larger fingers and exert more pressure, the operation of the Cricket Original and Mini lighter feels natural.


child resistance pocket electronic


Cricket Electronic & Pocket

The push button must be pressed with a certain force that prevents lighter ignition by children according to EN13869.




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