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Why are Cricket lighters known as the quality lighter?


ISO 9994

Cricket lighters are fully compliant with international safety standards.

  • With intensive R&D research into safety regulations and continuous checks on the production line, Cricket aims to be at the forefront of consumer safety.
  • The lighters flame behaviour, durability and resistance to temperatures are all compliant with requirements of ISO 9994:2005 certification.
  • Each Cricket lighter model undergoes a thorough annual check and is certified by renowned external accredited laboratories


ISO 9001

  • Thanks to ISO 9001:2000 certification, Cricket Lighters are at the cutting edge of international safety regulations.
  • The organisation and the production processes at Cricket lighters are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Our quality system is designed for optimal performance (Accuracy in delivery, process control, service).


ISO 14001

  • Thanks to ISO 14001:2004 certification we established to minimise harm to the environment during production processes.
cricket lighters